Accidentally on Purpose

Accidentally on Purpose

Accidentally on Purpose

by David J.V. Meenan
Comedy / Murder / Suspense
Full Length (Approx. 1h, 55m, including intermission)
Cast: 7f, 1m
Total Cast: 8
Audience: Adult, Senior, Pre-teen (12+)

What happens when you put 7 real-life, true crime Victorian female serial killers in a room together somewhere between heaven and hell, as they await their eternal fate? There is one man in charge, Frederick, (or so he thinks), and he and he alone just might decide their fate as they vie to get “the golden ticket” to advance. Accidentally on Purpose is a hysterical comedy of murder, mayhem, and malarkey.

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Join us for this comical thriller as we find Gesche Gottfried, “The Angel of Bremen,” who only “killed them with kindness,” Southern belle Lavinia Fischer with her “Sleepy Time Tea,” Irish sisters Margaret Higgins and Catherine Flanagan, “The Black Widows of Liverpool,” Chicago’s Belle Gunness, “The Lonely-Hearts Killer,” Tillie Klimek, “Psychic Extraordinaire,” and London’s Marie Manning who only did it “one time.” These ladies mean business! We know they did it, and now we get to find out how. 

One man, Frederick, is in charge of the ladies’ waiting room, or so he thinks. The women quickly discover that a single golden ticket is available to advance them up the ladder, and Frederick now controls it. With a combined murder tally of over 100 victims, get ready for a wild ride with Freddy and the ladies! You’ll be on the edge of your seat wondering who will come out on top. Will Frederick be swayed by their charm? Will they convince him of their innocence? Or will they resort to more creative tactics to win that golden ticket? You won’t be able to resist laughing out loud at the twists and turns in this hilarious journey and find out if they really did it…”Accidentally on Purpose.”

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