Senior Moments – Big Beaver

Senior Moments – Big Beaver

Senior Moments – Big Beaver

by David J.V. Meenan
Full-Length (Approx. 95 minutes without an intermission)
Cast: 8f, 1m-teen
Total Cast: 9
Audience: Adult, Senior, Teen (14+)

The first in the trilogy of the hilarious comedies by David J.V. Meenan. Welcome to the 55 and over community of Big Beaver, Pennsylvania. We follow the lives of 7 friends and their daily shenanigans while they navigate “gracefully” growing older together. The play may be done in one or two acts.

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Welcome to the 55 and over community of Big Beaver, Pennsylvania. Brace yourselves for some hilarious moments as we follow the lives of 7 very different “ladies,” (and by “ladies” we mean sassy, spunky, and sometimes downright crazy women), as they navigate the ups and downs of growing older together. Get ready to laugh out loud as you witness their daily shenanigans and unique journeys. Who said growing old can’t be fun?

Lucy, the self-proclaimed president of every club in the community, tries her best to control the unmanageable ladies as their HOA meeting goes awry. She also runs the coupon clipping club, poker night, and the clubhouse talent show, which is supposed to be a fashion show but ends up being more of a fashion faux pas. Marie is the sophisticated and proud owner of her beloved Shih Tzu, Princess. This furry little diva can do no wrong in her eyes, except for the tiny “doopies” she leaves on Marjorie’s lawn – the woman whom the entire community loves to hate. Samantha, the advice-giving mother of the group, accidentally runs over Marjorie in her wheelchair but Samantha bribes her with a new Jazzy to keep from getting sued. Phyllis, the chair of Big Beaver’s Tree and Bush Committee, is the sweetest one of the group whose lights are on but she’s not quite home. She has some hidden secrets that come out during poker night, leaving everyone in shock. Carol, the busybody of the community, gets involved in everyone’s affairs. If you need to know the gossip, just ask Carol about Marjorie’s dirty laundry. Laverne, who has no filter, tells it just like it is and still needs to grasp texting abbreviations, which gets her into a pickle. She also can’t figure out why Carol is doing Marjorie’s laundry. Edith is the ultimate club-hopper in the community. It’s not the activities that attract her, it’s the free food! She has a club for every meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and never forgets her trusty Ziplock bag, ready to pack up any leftovers she can get her hands on.

As the eclectic and eccentric women sit down to dine at Missy’s Diner, they are joined by an inexperienced 18-year-old waiter named Dereck. However, little does Dereck know that he is in for a wild ride as these ladies give him a run for his money. With their quirky demands and endless chatter, Dereck is left on the brink of a nervous breakdown. 

In a bizarre twist of events, the ladies are soon buzzing with the news that Marjorie has caught a serious case of “P-neumonia,” and are shocked by the sudden departure of their “dearest friend.”  As they gather at her wake to pay their respects, Lucy, the president of the Big Beaver Bereavement Club, tries to lead the group in saying a few nice words. But unfortunately, it seems like the members of the club are experiencing a brain freeze, as their eulogies are more of a struggle than heartfelt. 

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