by David J.V. Meenan
(2h with intermission)
Cast: 23+ f, 23+ m, 1m teen, 10+ children
Total Cast: Less with many doubling/tripling

Ravensbrück, written by David J.V. Meenan, (who was a volunteer tour guide in several concentration camps in Europe), takes us on a fast-paced drama encompassing the horrors that took place from 1933-1945. Filled with historical decrees, letters, and characters, it is a story you will not soon forget.

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“Ravenbrück: A Masterpiece” – Stephen Signorelli – The Tricity News

(The lights change to the apartment of Mary and Sarah Van Schie, Holland 1944.)

MARY: “Here’s to three friends who have endured many trials and tribulations in the past many months. Here is to sticking together when times get hard, and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. And to you, Esther, and successfully hiding you from the Nazis. And to God, thanking him for one more day.  It was six months ago today that you moved in with us…”

Two sisters, Sarah and Mary Van Schie, are hosting a dinner at their home in Holland when their door is broken into by the Gestapo. They have been turned in by their neighbor Jan for hiding their Jewish friend Esther. They quickly hide her in a secret trap door in the floor, but it is soon discovered by the officers. The three are arrested and placed on separate transports to unknown destinations. “Ravensbrück” follows the incredible journeys of these three women as well as others, with a twist at the end the audience will “never forget.”

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